Welcome to One Agora

Who's using One Agora?

  • Functional and integrative medical providers- MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, NPs, PAs
  • Holistic Clinics
  • Personal Trainers
  • Natural Food Stores and Co-ops
  • Retailers of holistic products and food
  • Individuals that want to share natural healthcare information

Are you a Holistic-Minded Business?

Connecting with the One Agora community is a smart way to get in touch with the customers that matter most. For a small monthly cost, you will have an online presence for individuals looking for your expertise and products locally.

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Welcome to One Agora, a community of like-minded holistic experts. The goal of One Agora is to connect consumers that want natural products and integrative health and wellness with all different types of experts in the field. It also focuses on the growing concept of “Think Locally.” It is meant to connect people with local resources both in food and healthcare. Another important aspect of One Agora is that it connects experts. Many professionals in this field own small businesses and don’t have the opportunity to collaborate because they work in small clinics. The other major mission of One Agora is to unite like-minded experts to facilitate professional connections.

What's the story behind the name?

OneAgora comes from the Greek word for community. It used to be a gathering and assembly of like-minded individuals where people gathered to share information and partake in an open marketplace. The purpose of this community is to connect like-minded holistic experts to individuals looking for these services. It is also meant to connect experts with other experts to allow collaboration.

More about us

We have connected with a sister company called Beyond the Basics Health Academy. This is a podcast and wellness site that is focused on educating individuals about different health and wellness topics. The philosophy of Beyond the Basics Health Academy is to generate conversation and promote global education.

The goal of connecting these two businesses is to allow Beyond the Basic Health Academy to educate globally but connect individuals with experts locally. It also allows us to have more of a “voice” in education to promote health and wellness ideas. There are so many benefits to joining OneAgora. There is no monthly contract, gimmicky price range, or minimum months to join. We want to build the most comprehensive community!