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Who joins One Agora?

  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Holistic Clinics & Providers
  • Health Conscious Restuarants & Eateries
  • Natural Food Stores
  • Local Farmers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Holistic Product Retailers
  • And more!

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  1. Custom profile. A customizable profile page for you or your business. With a profile, you'll get an online presence in the holistic community, and holistic-minded customers can search locally and find your business.
  2. Custom URL address. Choose a custom One Agora URL address!
  3. Help drive traffic to your website. Upload up to 5 pictures of your business, and link back to your website and social media accounts, helping drive traffic to your business.
  4. Part of the holistic community. Free advertisement through our sister company, Beyond the Basics Health Academy.  Our sister podcast and health and wellness education site is focused on educating people globally about different health and wellness topics, while driving them to find services, experts and products locally.
  5. Information & resources. Access to monthly newsletter that we put together.  You can take this information and send it to your clientele anyway that you want.  This will include different resources, research, and health and wellness information.  Our community members will also be featured in these newsletters to include awareness.
  6. Be found. Our site is built to allow you, an expert, to be featured depending on your speciality and location. People will be able to find you!
  7. Connecting you with like-minded experts. How many times have you had a patient ask you "Do you know someone in (fill in the blank) that does what you do for my family member?"  Now you can find different experts in different locations to promote continuity of care and services for people.
  8. Opportunity. Opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded experts.  The truth of the matter is that we have known that "It Takes a Village.." but it also "Takes a Community.." to provide a fully comprehensive approach to health and wellness. So become a part of the OneAgora community today!

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