Get Your Life Back with Natural Hormone Support

Natural Hormone Health

Hormone replacement and therapy has become more and more mainstream in the past decade. As we age, we naturally decrease our hormone supply. Also, there are common environmental factors that lead to further deterioration and imbalances in the hormones. This leads to decreased health with advancing age and more disease. Both women and men are utilizing bio-identical hormones to improve health and increase vitality throughout the life span.

For women, menopause brings a time usually troubled with symptoms like hot flashes, depression, weight gain, mood swings, and insomnia. For men, they also go through a period of time where their hormones fluctuate and testosterone declines.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to hormone therapy. Therefore, our approach at Arijai Aesthetic and Wellness is hormone support through individualized testing and assessment. Each person is treated uniquely to provide natural remedies to balance hormones. It is important to address the hormones in a holistic and integrative manner including how to:

  • Safely replenish hormone levels through natural supplements and hormones
  • Assess and treat any other underlying causes or dysfunction, such as liver congestion, thyroid issues, or adrenal dysfunction
  • Remove any lifestyle habits that contribute to hormone disturbances
  • Provide nutritional support for the body

We assess and treat individuals at all different ages for hormone support. It can help with fertility, better periods, mood, sleep, weight loss, and menopause support. There are women that use our clinic for an initial assessment and follow-up. Through supplementation, bioidentical hormones, and lifestyle support, symptoms become more manageable, depression clears, weight improves, and sleep improves. We also treat numerous women whose hormone regimen has stopped working for them. An important aspect of hormone therapy is that you are closely monitored for any changes that occur during the regimen.

With the comprehensive approach that we take, there are many other factors that we address. With the environmental toxins we absorb, the excess sugar, processed food, and fat we consume, and the medications we take, the liver can easily become congested and the thyroid can become overwhelmed. When the liver becomes congested, it may not be able to process and metabolize hormones as quickly or efficiently as it should. This can result in less effective hormone therapy and hormone imbalances.

Also foreign hormones in our environment, otherwise known as xenestrogens, are man-made chemicals that mimic human biological hormones and interfere with normal hormone function. The increase in the amount and types of these environmental hormones that we are being exposed to can create an estrogen dominance situation with numerous side effects and health concerns.

High stress lifestyles can lead to adrenal dysfunction. The adrenal glands are responsible for both long-term and short-term stress responses in the body. The glands play a vital role in hormone production and support.

Finally, get tested before and during hormone replacement. Your hormone levels should be evaluated at least one-to-two times a year to adjust dosage and avoid an imbalance.

It is important to find a provider that can properly assess and treat for hormone imbalances.