The Story of Trans Fats

Trans fats are artificial fats that are made through a process called hydrogenation.  This process allows the fats to be more stable but has a negative effect on the health of the consumer.  Research that was first done in the 1990s started to point towards the fact that these fats were not good for human consumption.  The FDA started to look into it more and research that concluded in 2002 came out where they found the safe level of trans fat consumption to be zero in the human diet.  Because of these findings, they mandated that food companies label all trans fats by 2007.  That is why we now see the trans fats listed on food items.

There have also been some huge victories against trans fats along the way.  New York City has banned the use of all trans fats in restaurants.  

In 2013, the FDA came out and stated that trans fats are considered "not generally recognized as safe."  Now the FDA has decided to ban all trans fats starting in 2018.  These artificial fats have been linked to an increase in health concerns and diseases.

Recent NY Times Article that all trans fats will be banned by 2018